Bruker (Plating Thickness Gauge)

Full Control over Coating Analysis with Micro-XRF

The XSpect Pro / XData package is a powerful and versatile software for the nondestructive characterization of metal multilayers. XSpect Pro/ XData runs on Bruker’s series of small-spot spectrometers, including M1 ORA, M1 MISTRAL, M2 BLIZZARD. The M4 TORNADO uses the combination of its native ESPRIT software and XMethod. Analysis is performed in accordance with ASTM B568 and DIN/ISO 3497. Multilayer systems with up to 12 individual layers, each containing up to 25 elements, can be characterized with respect to composition and thickness.


XSpect Pro for instrument control and analysis

  • Instrument control with tube and acquisition time settings
  • Monitoring of instrument stability
  • Support of correct sample positioning by camera system, including auto focus
  • Mouse, foot switch and touch screen operation
  • Spectra acquisition, display and processing
  • Spectra evaluation with peak fit and intensity calculation
  • Quantification of bulk samples with standard based model
  • Quantification of bulk and layered samples with Fundamental Parameter (FP) model
  • Report generation and data archiving.

XData for method and standards management

  • Correction of instrument drift
  • Standard sample manager
  • Method creation for standard-based bulk quantification and FP-based quantification for bulk and layer analysis
  • Calibration of standard-based and FP-based methods for bulk and layer analysis
  • Analytical method manager.