California Instruments Power Analyzer & Conditioning System MXCTS

A growing number of electronic products manufactured today have to meet international regulatory requirements for emissions and immunity. This is particularly true for products sold in the European community as well as a growing list of countries in the Far East. The California Instruments MXCTS System provides a cost-effective test solution aimed at verifying higher power product compliance to a number of AC and DC related harmonized test standards.

The MXCTS system offers many of the same features and capabilities of the California Instruments CTS Series product line already in use at many EMC labs around the world.

Compliance Testing to:
· EN / IEC 61000-3-12 (-CTSH, -CTSHL)
Harmonics, < 75 Arms/phase
· EN / IEC 61000-3-11 (-CTSH, -CTSHL)
Flicker Measurement, < 75 Arms/phase
· EN / IEC 61000-3-2 (-CTSL, -CTSHL)
Harmonics – Including Am 14, < 16 Arms/Phase
· EN / IEC 61000-3-3 (-CTSL, -CTSHL)
Flicker Measurement, < 16 Arms/phase
· EN / IEC 61000-4-13
(option) Harmonics & Interharmonics Immunity (option)
· EN / IEC 61000-4-14 AC Voltage Fluctuations
· EN / IEC 61000-4-17 DC Ripple
· EN / IEC 61000-4-28 Frequency Variations

Pre-compliance Testing to:
· EN / IEC 61000-4-11 (option) AC Voltage Dips and Variations (option)
· EN / IEC 61000-4-27 Three phase AC Voltage Unbalance
· EN / IEC 61000-4-29 DC Voltage Dips and Interruptions

NPL Certified Compliance The MXCTS System is based on the same technology deployed in the California Instruments CTS series products. The CTS series has been certified
by the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) in the United Kingdom for full compliance with the IEC Harmonics and Flicker standards. The NPL is an independent test laboratory and a recognized authority on AC calibration.