Hirayama HAST PC-422R9 / R9D

Improved Controller with Stainless steel chamber which is electropolished. Freedom to operate from an external terminal with centralized monitoring using specialized software. Users will not be restricted to installation location and number of machines.

Model PC-422R9 PC-422R9D
Test chamber size φ420 x D657 mm (84.4 L) φ420 x D657 mm per chamber (84.4 L per chamber)
Working Temperature Range 105.0℃ – 133.3℃ (at 100%RH)
110.0℃ – 140.0℃ (at 85%RH)
118.0℃ – 150.0℃ (at 65%RH)
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature Distribution
±0.5℃ (at 100%RH)
±1.0℃ (at 85%RH)
Working Humidity Range 65%RH – 100%RH
Humidity Control Accuracy ±3%RH (at 85%RH)
Working Pressure Range 0.019MPa – 0.208 MPa