Hitachi Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber (Excellent Series)

  • Addition of temperature cycle function: “high-temp soak”, ”low-temp soak”, “lamp control”, “material temperature control” are added.
  • Line-up humidity control corresponding: Temperature cycle test or temperature/ humidity test can be corresponded by one unit
Constant Tperature Chamber is also available, without Humidity Range testing.
Rapid Temperature Change Type Temperature Range Humidity Range Testing Room Capacity
EXH Type -70 to 150°C 20 to 98%RH 306L
EXHH Type -70 to 180°C 235L
EXHH20 Type -70 to 150°C 20 to 95%RH 800L
 EX-LH Type

[ High Load (1000W) ]

-70 to 150°C 20 to 98%RH 800L