J-RAS Electrochemical Migration (ECM) – 100 Series

ECM refers to conventional ion migration. It occurs when an electrically biased voltage is applied to an originally good insulator (eg. Printed wiring board), causing short circuit between electrodes. It can lead to damaging of parts and products, causing great losses. Thus, this is an important evaluation item in reliability evaluation testing.

Simple Operation

  • Adoption to high side measurement, decreased soldering work to sample
  • Attached software easily usable
  • Wide applied voltage range of 1-300V by default
  • Measurement possible only by this system without computer

High Efficiency and Many Functions

  • Independent measurement circuit every CH, sampling speed of 16msec
  • Expand channels 10 to 400, each can set different examination voltage

High Reliability

  • Abnormal measurement prevented by self-diagnostic function
  • Uses a CF card with few physical failures for data recording

Uses: Evaluate print board, soldering, resin, conductive adhesive. Useful as high -performance insulation resistance measurement device too.